Another protester died tonight after 27 days at the hospital, she was hit by a car in Valencia on March 14th.

RIP Mariana Ceballos Belisario

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While the Government and PART of the opposition are reunited right now in Miraflores to talk about “peace”… Chacao is under attack.


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Yesterday (14/04/03), the National Guard shoot marbles at protesters in Valencia… This is your “peace”, Maduro?

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14/04/01 Barquisimeto, Lara. Students hit an armored car with some molotov bombs and make it back off.

Protesters fight with molotov, stones and fireworks againts the guns, tear gas bombs and armoured cars from the National Guard.

¡Hola, Andrés! Por ti es que se está llevando a cabo esta lucha, por tu futuro y por el de muchos chamos como tú que no han conocido más nada que esta dictadura. Seguiremos luchando desde donde sea para sacar a nuestra Venezuela de este desgobierno. Solo cumplo con mi deber de informarle al mundo lo que pasa, para que puedas tener la Venezuela libre que te mereces.

Saludos y un abrazo desde el Zulia ♥

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Cuidate un montón. Rezo por ti y tu familia y por toda la gente que vive en incertidumbre, recordá que estamos aquí no sólo por lo divertido sino para apoyarnos :)

¡Gracias por tu apoyo y tus oraciones! ♥

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Hello, everyone! I’m really thankful for your support these days, you’re amazing!

Welcome the new followers, some I see are from Venezuela, I hope you’re safe and please don’t lose your hopes because I’m sure we can make it through this! We will make it through this! El que se cansa pierde!

To those living outside this country, please help me and my venezuelan brothers and sisters spread the word! Reblog everything you see on your dashboards about this conflict! Please don’t keep your eyes shut and think “oh, this is terrible but I don’t live there… too bad for them”, because that’s what this dictatorship wants, to keep the news out of the international eye so they can continue the massacre againts the protesters. HELP US!

God bless you and let’s keep fighting for Venezuela’s freedom!


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14/03/30 Compilation of today’s events in Táchira.

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14/03/27 Another video from Palaima (Maracaibo)

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14/03/27 Palaima (Maracaibo)

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